Rob Page



IT Employment

February 2013-Present

Technical Director, SR Capture Ltd

I founded SR Capture in February 2013. We provide form based data capture solutions based around the Autonomy Teleform and Electric Paper Eform Suite

April 2006-February 2013

Technical Consultant, Form Recognition Ltd

General software development and technical duties

May 2006-December 2008

Freelance Consultancy

Concurrent to my main job, I also take on occasional freelance work. In Summer 2006, I wrote a module using a meta-perl language to integrate the Actinic ecommerce software with the able2buy credit providers. Since the completion of this module, the customer has gone on to sell this module, and I now provide occasional support for it via email.

I have just completed another project for the same customer, integrating actinic and google checkout.

Open Source Software

November 2004-March 2006


I created this editor for the LaTeX typesetting language, as at the time I started writing AmyEdit, there were no easy-to-use, light weight text editors that provided shortcuts for various LaTeX commands. In addition, this project enabled me to further my knowledge of C++ and gtkmm.

As of February 2007, over 3500 copies have been downloaded from sourceforge, and on average there are 70 downloads a month, despite the cessation of development of AmyEdit as of March 2006 due to other commitments.

November 2004-March 2006


As part of my work on AmyEdit I created a C++ wrapper for gtksourceview. This was based upon a very basic set of functions created by Jae Jang. I extended this so it was possible to use the majority of functions entirely through C++ style objects and functions, in the same style as the gtkmm library This project is now maintained by Dodji Seketeli.

November 2004-March 2006

The gtkmm project

During the development of AmyEdit I have vastly improved my knowledge of C++ and gtkmm. As a result, I have been able to submit a number of patches to the project which have enabled both bug-fixes and the implementation of new features. I also spend time helping people with gtkmm related problems on the gtkmm mailing list.

Voluntary Work

March 2006-May 2006

Voluntary Consultancy, Labour Behind the Label

I supplied voluntary consultancy for a small, not for profit organisation to migrate a small network of computers all running GNU/Linux to a dual booting Windows and GNU/Linux setup. This work was carried out after discussing the needs of the organisation with its workers and establishing a solution for their different needs to run a few Windows-only applications whilst keeping software costs to a minimum and their desire to use GNU/Linux wherever possible.

Programming Experience

Web design

At present a large portion of both my work and free time is spent writing websites, using either PHP or Perl. Recently, in order to improve usability of the websites I produce, I have started including Javascript in my HTML as well.

C, C++ and Java

C was the first language I used to write a non-trivial project in, and something I often have to fall back to assist me with debugging problematic 'free' software packages. I've written a large assortment of programs using it, including a Space Invaders type game and a library which made heavy use of inline assembler for rendering 3d graphics.

For my final year project at university, I worked on extending the Java Breadboard Simulator to include new types of chips and improve general usability.

My C++ experience comes largely from AmyEdit and gtksourceviewmm. Detailed above.

Other Languages

I also have a good working knowledge of C# and Bash scripting. Using both for writing utilities for use by customers at Form Recognition.

I have also used Scheme, Ada, Haskell, VHDL, Python and a number of other languages.


University of York, 2001-04

BEng in Computer Science with third class honours

Exeter College 1999-2001

International Baccalaureate with 30 Points

South Dartmoor Community College 1994-1999

9 GCSE's at grades A-C, including A* in Maths and C in English.

Other Interests

I enjoy both playing and listening to a variety of music. I have achieved Grade 5 Violin with Merit and Grade 5 Music Theory. I have also been playing Guitar since I was 18 and have performed several of my own compositions at open Mic nights.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, and a number of sports including football, badminton and squash and solving a variety of puzzles including sudoku, kakuro and crosswords.


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